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An eclectic mix of recipes from my travels that are easy to make at home.

A balance of healthy meals, which to me means lots of vegetables prepared in new and interesting ways and not a chia seed in sight. I’ll share meat and fish recipes I’ve come to love over the years and plenty of indulgent treats for those days when nothing but chocolate chip cookies will do.


Reviews of wines I’ve enjoyed, and tips on how to match wine with food.

Delicious non-alcoholic drinks, shakes and smoothies.

Perhaps a few amusing musings on food, wine, and travel.

The inspiration for

I’m told by my parents that my love of food began around the age of 10 months when I was often found eating the dog’s food, even after a hearty breakfast, apparently. I was more greedy than foodie at that age, I reckon.  I’ll still try anything. Most recently it was Fugu in Japan, a fish so poisonous in it’s raw unprepared state it’s actually killed people. It turned out to be far less dramatic and I really wanted to like it, but in my holiday snaps I looked like a bulldog chewing on a wasp and distinctly remember feeling that way at the time.

Originally from South Africa, I moved to London in 2002 and my love of cooking exploded into a full-on passion. This city overflows with culinary enthusiasm, and everywhere you turn there’s a new restaurant or bar, market or deli. I cannot think of a single cuisine that’s not available in London, and with that, many previously exotic ingredients are now commonplace. The inspiration for this blog is mostly from eating out in London and from my travels abroad. I get overly excited to recreate restaurant dishes at home, only with fewer ingredients and in less complicated ways. Mostly, I just want to eat good food, and to cook with recipes that actually work. Too many recipes from books I’ve used in the past have flopped, and I’ve come to learn that it’s often because the chefy tips go unmentioned. I’ve had more flops than I can count but through hours spent in the kitchen I’ve learned how to short circuit many common mistakes and, wherever possible, I’ll tell you which pitfalls to avoid. I should probably mention that I’m not  chef and have no formal culinary training. I’m just a bit addicted to cooking…okay, to eating.

Since my dog-food addiction of toddlerhood, life has come full circle and I have two children of my own. My babies have dramatically changed the way I cook and think about food. Obviously I have less time, and frankly less desire, to lavish entire days on cooking and eating! Cooking often has to be speedy and ingredients limited to what’s in the fridge. So you’ll find a bit of everything here. Long, luxurious recipes for when you have time to indulge as well as simple stuff that’s achievable even after a frantic day.

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